Hello. This is Maria.  I am an International  Online Franchise Consultant with JC Worldwide Franchise, Inc. and an Independent Platinum Premiere Distributor of JC  Premiere,  and an Online Siomai King Franchisee myself since September 7, 2020. I am here in the US and I am doing this Online Franchise from here.

I have tasted the delicious Siomai King's siomai in SM Mall in the Philippines when I went home sometime in May 2016.  I was fascinated by the long line this small kiosk generated. No wonder why, because they were delicious when I finally tasted them.  I wished then to own one of those food carts and even thought of bringing that concept in the US.  But life got in the way.  The technicality of putting my own business, or franchising one would be tedious, not to mention, the capital needed to start one.  The most difficult is to find one to manage it if I live in the US.  So it slipped out of my mind and went back to the routines of life in the US. 

Until I got a message from a friend of mine who send his shop link and asked me to
order siomai.   The entrepreneur spirit in me kicked in.  I found out that he is only doing it online and, not managing an actual food cart.  I asked him questions about how to be an Online Franchisee. too.  And the rest is history, so here I am offering the same opportunity to you. 

I was actually surprised to know that there are so many more business opportunities
attached when I paid for my registration.  I  am already happy with Siomai, but boy!    Oh boy!  I got more than what I wished for.  Read through the entire page to find out  why! 

The company offered a food business that I like and hooked me also to their sister company JC Premiere which offered health and beauty products.  Perfect for me as I am a nurse and esthetician also.   I have looked at the product lines and they complement what I am currently doing - being a beauty and wellness advocate.  

On top of that, I attended the orientation and was blown away with the compensation being provided by the company if I follow the blueprint of my mentors.  

​So now I am making my journey to the Good Life, will you travel with me? Give me your hand and I will walk with you too!  

Interested to be an Online Siomai King Franchisee?


From December 9, 2020, UNTIL January 25, 2021, ONLY!

Get an Online Siomai Franchise and Get also the Toktok Online Franchise for 16,888. 

After the Promo, it will be 16,888 For Siomai King Franchise and 19,888 for Toktok Online Franchise!  What a deal!!!!

Get the PROMO PRICE:  Platinum Online Franchise

₱16,888.00   (Regular price ₱58,888.00, Actual Food Cart Price ₱288,888.00,)

International Account Holder pays around $420 to $440 (depending on $ conversion to peso). 

JC Premiere will send you an invoice to be paid


Dubbed as “Ang Hari ng Siomai”, Siomai King started in 2010 and has become the mouthwatering all-time Pinoy favorite. Customers come back over and over because of Siomai King's unique offerings of Shanghai, Hongkong, Japanese and Chicken Siomai.  Their food carts offered the first and original 5 pieces of siomai in one serving with every bite guaranteed with good taste and with no extenders.  Truly, this gives value for your money.

Fast forward to  May 2020 after growing to over 1000 branches nationwide in the Philippines, Siomai King went online to meet the rising demand for food delivery caused by the current  Covid19 pandemic.   With social distancing and community quarantine currently imposed, dine-in services are closed or limited but takeout and online delivery services are open.  Customers are clamoring to have their food delivered.  This classic all-time Filipino comfort food has captured the hearts, minds, and the stomach of the Filipinos.  Siomai King has made it convenient for Filipinos to order through JC Worldwide Online Ordering.  

Furthermore, the company offered other food concepts to give more food selection to the Filipinos.   And all these food concepts have been added to the Online SIOMAI KING FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY for ONE LOW FEE!!!

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Click the music icon to unmute

Benefits of Siomai King Online Franchise

BONUS 1:  Welcome Freebies of Products Included

Included in the franchise is P5,000 worth of health and/or food products from JC Worldwide Franchise, INC and/or JC Premiere (partner company of JC Worldwide Franchise, Inc) 

Freebies are subject to change without prior notice

Shipping of the Welcome Free Products is not included in the Franchise Fee and is shouldered by the Online Franchisee (Plus about 350

BONUS 2:    You will be able to buy for personal use or sell Health and Beauty Products from the JC Premiere collection.  Get your LIVE INTERACTIVE SHOP ASSISTANT (L.I.S.A.), Shop link for JC health, and beauty products, and earn 30% to 70% from all products.  It is OKAY if you do not want to sell or do this part of the business.  You can still enjoy the savings as a member.  

BONUS 3 & 4:  FREE 2 More Food Concepts

You can also sell Mang Bok's and Boy Bondat for ONE Year Contract

BONUS 5:  You will be able to sell Coppermask

BONUS 6:  You will be able to sell Ninja Ion Personal Air Purifier

BONUS 7:  KaTunying's Holiday Promo Package Added in the Siomai King's Shop Link

BONUS 8:  Toktok Online Franchise added within the one-time fee of 16,888. After the Promo, this is to be paid separately for another 16,888.  Toktok is a delivery service within Metro Manila. Promote the service and get commissions.  Customers will use the Toktok App. 

Sell  5 Food Cart Concepts Online for a ONE-TIME purchase fee

By being an online franchisee you will be able to sell all food cart concepts from
the following:   Siomai King, (Plus Siomai King Express), Burger Factory,

Noodle House, Potato King, and Siopao Da King.

No Royalty and Renewal Fees, Lifetime Franchise

Pay only ONE-TIME to become an online franchisee of the above-mentioned

food concepts. No monthly or annual renewal fees. The best part is your

franchise is a lifetime contract.

Potential Income of P30,000 to 60,000 MONTHLY*

Advertise from the comfort of your home using
social media like Facebook or Instagram. 

Examining New Tablet


If you do not become a member of our family but hopefully, you will be, please keep in mind my shop links to order food, health, and beauty products.  

All you need is a device that has an internet connection. Online Shop Links will be provided and right away you can start earning. You can sell 24/7.  You do not have to be in one location to sell. You can be living internationally too to have an online franchise. You do not need to be physically in the Philippines.

DELIVERY will be done by the Company.

All you need is to promote your websites to your friends, families,  and others, nationwide and worldwide.  That's right!  Anyone living outside the Philippines can order food for their relatives back home, pay it online, and have the food delivered door to door.  No need to worry about shipping and inventory.  The company delivers and you earn!  

NOW, in case you do want an extra income opportunity, you can apply for FREE as a FOOD HUB! You will do inventory and you will arrange for delivery.  You deliver the Ready to Cook food.  You will get additional commissions and you make money from the delivery fee.  

COMMISSIONS  will be paid every week for the sales generated from your websites.

SELL OFFLINE also our delicious Ready to Cook yummies in the comfort of your home. That's right!   Buy a few stocks at member's price then resell at Retail Price. You keep all the profits. 


Find RESELLERS to work for you and sell online by sharing your shop links with them to use for their advertising.  Or they can also sell offline.  

Sell only frozen food.  No selling of cooked food as that is against the company policy.  It is up to you how much commissions you want to give them from the commissions you are getting. 

Financial Report

Referral Incentive System.  

REFERRAL FEE will be given as a limited promo by the company if you become an Online Franchisee then sponsor another one to become an Online Franchisee also.  In fact, with the current promo, you need 3 to 4 referrals to get your initial investment back.  How cool is that? 

When you become an Online Franchisee, you will get commissions for referring another Online Franchisee.  Just like I will get commissions when I refer you. 


I will be your primary mentor if you register thru my sponsorship.  We have a team also who will support you aside from the support of the company. 

Promotional  Incentives by the Company

JC Worldwide and JC Premiere offer incentives such as Car, Food Cart, House, and Lot.  Qualifications and information are in the back office and accessible after your registration. 

Good Manufacturing Practice

JC Worldwide Franchise International, Inc owns machine operated commissaries where they produce only high-quality and safe food products made with the highest sanitary procedures and quality ingredients.

Internet Online Access 

​All you need is a device that has an internet connection. Online Shop Links will be provided and right away you can start earning. You can sell 24/7.  You do not have to be in one location to sell. You can be living internationally too to have an online franchise. You do not need to be physically in the Philippines.

Online Franchise Product Line


What an awesome Opportunity!

Get in NOW with a Platinum Online
Franchise Package!  

  • EARN 30% FROM EVERY PRODUCT SALE (Siomai King Plus Siomai King Express), Burger Factory, Noodle House, Potato King, and Siopao Da King.

  • EARN 20% Commission from Boy Bondat's product sale

  • EARN 15% Commission from Mang Bok's product sale

  • EARN 20% Commission from Coppermask and Ninjaion sale

  • EARN up to 70% Commission on JC Premiere Health and Beauty Products Sale

  • NO RENEWAL FEES, LIFETIME FRANCHISE On the above Food Concepts Plus In Coppermasks, Ninja Ions, and all Health and beauty products of JC Premiere. 

  • Food Product Online Stores/Shop Links

  • Mang Bok's, and Boy Bondat Bonus Shop links included, for 1-year contract.  (The local food cart prices for all these food concepts are 5.2 Million pesos.  Boy Bondat's franchise alone is 3.5 Million pesos) 

  • Coppermask and Ninjaion shop links included

  • Freebies of  up to ₱5,000.00 Food, Health, or Beauty Products as per Company's decision (subject to change without notice)

  • Basic Online Selling Training

  • Potential Income 30,000 pesos to 60,000 pesos per month*


Famous Celebrity Franchisee

Ai Ai.jpg

Ai Ai Delas Alas

Grand ambassador and Franchise
investor of Siomai King. 
Thankful and Blessed to 

have invested in franchise
and to help fellow kababayans.

Learn more, click here

actor 1.jpg

Anthony Taberna

"Siomai King, ang Hari ng Siomai" 

Another Ambassador and Franchise investor who wants to help fellow kababayans to invest and earn to 
help their families.

Learn more, click here

actor 1a.jpg

Erwin Tulfo

"The siomai king is more.
It has five pieces of siomai, 
pure meat and no extenders mixed,
so I loved the taste. So the siomai 
of Tulfo. Siomai King!"

Learn more, click here


Confident Businessman

Rudy Salvador, 45 

Another source of income.
Very convenient and low-risk
with high reward. 
May freebies pa when you 
buy the franchise.
Walang talo!

Young Tattoo Artist

Jezreel Sy, 35 

It's one of the best investments
you can make especially in 
this time of health crisis.
I can earn and provide for
my family in the safety 
of my home.

Happy Girl Band

Camille Garcia 28

Recently got this package
and it's absolutely great!
I was able to get the ROI
within 2 weeks. 
Now, I 'm earing about 
20-30k per month.

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Let's Recap

Multiple Ways to Make Money with Online Siomai King Franchise
  1. Direct Referral fee for sponsoring new Online Franchisee (5000 or 7500)

  2. Online Commission: 30% Siomai King & 4 more food concepts Shop links. (15% Siomai King Express, 20% Boy Bondat in same Shop Link)

  3. Online Commission: 20% Boy Bondat's shop link

  4. Online Commission: 15% Mang Bok's shop link

  5. Online Commission: 20% Copper Mask' shop link

  6. Online Commission: 20% Ninja Ion's Shop link

  7. Online Selling of JC Premiere Health & Beauty Products through your personal LISA (your Live and Interactive Shop Assistant) shop link

8.  Selling of any food (Stock some products in your home and resell)

9.Offline Selling of Copper Mask

10.  Offline Selling of Ninja Ion

11.  Offline selling of JC Premiere Health & Beauty Products

12.  Hire Resellers to work for you and give them % of commissions

13. Sponsor more distributors and make Sales Matching Bonus and Leadership Bonus Commissions

14.  Make Sales Matching Product Bonus and Leadership Bonus from the sales of JC Premiere Distributors.

15.  (Optional) Food Hub, 4 ways to make money as Food Hub

16.  (Optional) Mobile Center for JC Health & Beauty Products, higher commissions for this account, and you can sell to fellow Distributors.


When you choose me as your sponsor and ask me to become your mentor in this business, I will tell you 10 more doable ways on how to make money with this 1 single registration payment for Siomai King Online Franchisee. No kidding, I have identified them all.

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I am Ready

I am ready to take
the next step and ready
to learn how to join
Online Franchise.

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I need more Info

I am interested, however,
I need to learn more about  
Online Franchise.     


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